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Fishing Camp

Fales Fish 92011Start at the Main Marvine trail head, mount your horse and enjoy the 2 1/2 hour ride as  we follow Marvine Creek 7 miles into the Upper Marvine Wilderness Camp. Camp consists of a large wall cook tent, multiple wall tents for sleeping, and all the camp luxuries you can pack in horse back. Most guests prefer the drop camp, we drop them for the length of their stay and return to get them at the end.   You bring your own food, special drink, sleeping bag, and personal equipment. We also will provide a full service camp with a camp host to provide meals and help as needed. Either way you will also have use of our flat bottom row boats we pack in each year, they make the fishing that much better.

If you have not experienced the beauty of Upper Marvine Lake you will hardly want to take your eyes off the scenery to set up your tackle.  But if you are a fisherman, do not let this opportunity pass you by, the lake offers great Brook Trout, Native Cutthrout, and some Browns, fly or cast, catch dinner or release.  You will not be disappointed.   Pine Isle Lake with Cutbows, is little over an hour hike at altitude or hike back down to the Creek and fish for some excellent Rainbows.

The Upper Marvine Lake Fishing camp is offered as a day ride, 3 day/2 night, trip, multiple additional days, as a drop camp or full service camp. Camp is comfortable for up to 8 people, we do not schedule multiple groups into camp, the camp is for your group.  We will try to tailor each trip to what you want your trip to be.

Our goal is for you to not be sure which part of the trip is best; the ride in and out, the camp stay, or the fishing.  If will give you something to discuss on the trip home, while you plan next years trip!

We also offer 4-6 day pack trips through the Flattops, stopping at multiple high mountain lakes for fishing and solitude.  These trips will provide a daily horse ride to the next stop, your food and drink, (you provide your special drink), camp equipment, wranglers and camp cook.   Call for more specifics.

We also offer high country drop camps for your summer solitude, these camps are normally used for hunting, but have limited fishing available, a real quiet taste of the Wilderness.


Marvine Lake Drop Camp- 3 day/2 night
$450/person ($75/person for each additional day)

Marvine Lake Full Service Camp-3 day/2 night
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Big Fish Lake Drop Camp- 3 day/2 night
$350/person ($75/person for each additional day)

Other Drop Camp Sites- 3 day/2 night
$350/person ($50 for each additional day)

Full Service, Guided Flat Tops Wilderness Pack Trip- 4-6 days
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Gear Packing Service- Riding and Pack Horses

Guided Day Ride – 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Prices include guides, wrangler, riding horse per guest, normal number of pack horses for group size. All trip prices will be quoted, this represents only a guideline.  Group Discount for Four or more.