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IMG_1096Let your family and friends see where you hunt or let your hunting group get familiar with your hunt country before the season. We offer an opportunity to combine a summer trip with your hunting trip to see where you are hunting, let your family see or just scout. Summer looks a lot different than fall, the country changes and the experience is different; see your hunting country both ways. See the bulls “BachedUp” in the velvet, or the cows and calves in the summer meadows. Come for a 2-4 day summer “scout” and a fall hunt either same year or following year and we will discount both. If it is you and your buddies we will take you into your drop camp in the summer, let you get familiar or into a full service camp with your family just to enjoy.

Come and enjoy a summer pack trip as we offer several pre planned trips. These will include daily horse rides to the next stop, full service meals and wrangler, comfortable wall tents and sleeping arrangements, and plenty of high country scenery and fishing.   Trips like from Big Fish Lake over to Upper Marvine with stops in between or Frosty Lake To Upper Marvine; there is 20 square miles to check out.


Specialty Rides Price Based on Service
Hunt and Scout Price Based on Service

Prices include guides, wrangler, riding horse per guest, pack horses, meals, housing, (either tent or bunkhouse. All trip prices will be quoted, this represents only a guideline.